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Meet Holly

Meet Holly

"Welcome to Holly's Natural Products where we believe in loving your skin by keeping it real and simply natural with 100% handmade, all natural, plant-based skin care products which will keep your skin smooth, rejuvenated, hydrated and healthy!

My journey began in Vero Beach, Florida, also named the "Treasure Coast" for it's finest found treasures discovered from a shipwreck many years ago. In 2014, ironically, as I resided in the quaint town of Vero, the wonderful discovery of my own precious treasure named SHEA butter came about."

"My passion for this beautiful plant, the Shea tree, also named fruitful Vitellaria paradox, indigenous to Africa, had evolved. In addition to loving everything about Shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils was now a new favorite fascination!  These are just a few gifts from nature known to benefit and help aid in many skin conditions some may struggle with daily.  It brings me great satisfaction to share the benefits, knowledge and importance of using plant-based skincare products.  I want to share my personal skincare regimen using only unrefined, natural ingredients from which I have found resulted in rejuvenated, beautiful, healthy looking skin!

Thank you for sharing my passion of Holly’s Natural Products with your family and friends!  Please remember,

If you cannot eat it, don't apply it!                 

What goes on your skin, goes in!                                                                                                                            

Our skin is the largest organ of the human body, so

keep it real & simply natural,


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